Bhakti Sharma: World’s youngest and Asia’s first girl to set a world record in Open Water Swimming

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Bhakti Sharma

Who says women are behind men? This myth false due to many Indian Inspirational women. One of such women is BHAKTI SHARMA, who born on 30th November 1989 in Mumbai and is an Indian open water swimmer. Born in Mumbai and brought to Udaipur, holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur (Raj.) and have a master’s degree from Symbiosis school of Media and communication, Bengaluru.

Bhakti is an Inspiration for all the women, who thinks woman are just made for home. Coached by her mother Leena Sharma, Bhakti started swimming at the age of 2 and half years. She has achieved many records. The list of her records are :

• Her 1st open water (sea) swim was 16 km swim from Uran port to Gateway of India in 2003.

• Successfully swam a distance of 36 km from Dharamtal to Gateway of India, Indian Ocean in 9 hours and 30minutes in 2004.

• Crossed the English Channel in 13 hours and 55 minutes on 6th July 2006 from Shakespeare Beach, Dover England to Calaos, France.

• In 2006 she won the Lake Zurich Swim.

• Swam 25 km in Gulf of Mexico as a part of 2007 U.S.A. swimming open water championship in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

• In 2007 she completed a race of 6.5 km in the Pacific Ocean.

• Won a gold medal in marathon swim around the key West Island, Atlantic Ocean that made her the 1st Asian swimmer to participate in three major American swimming events in 2007.

• In 2007, she crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea at Tarifa, Spain, considered as one of the most challenging sea courses, in 5hours and 13 minutes.

• She has a record with her mother for being first mother daughter pair to swim across the English Channel in 2008.

• Created an Indian record of 3 members relay race along with her mother Leena Sharma and her friend Priyanka Gehlot by covering a distance of 72 km in 16 hours and 58 minutes from Dharamtal to Gateway of India and back in 2010.

• On 10 January 2015, she become the youngest in the world and first Asuan girl to swim in freezing water of Antarctica for 2.25 km at the temperature of 1 degree. At this time, PM NARENDRA MODI congratulate her and say, “We all are very proud of Bhakti Sharma for her accomplishments! My best wishes to her”.

Bhakti Sharma is also a renowned Motivational Speaker, who has been invited to speak about her experiences at various national and international speaker platforms.

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