Beware of these Millennial Dating Trends in 2020

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Dating Trends in 2020

The modern dating scenario is straight-out weird. There’s always a new dating trend lurking around the corner just when you think you’ve seen enough. With dating apps focusing more on making the ‘right swipe’ than investing time on the right partner, things can get difficult to understand or keep track of. A few years ago, meeting someone over the internet and ending up marrying them would’ve seemed strange or outright impossible. But today, the situation has completely changed. Everyone is looking up to social media platforms or dating apps to find their right ones.

You’ll meet hordes of people out there who might not be as serious as you think they are. How can you know what someone’s true intentions are? Well, that’s the biggest con of online dating. You will never get to know them properly. But, if you keep a lookout for some toxic trends that are gaining momentum, you can save yourself from a major heartbreak.

Here are some of the most toxic dating trends in 2020 and the relationship tips to avoid them

1. Ghosting away

The trend: You start dating, things are sweet and dreamy in the beginning, and everything feels like a fairytale. Then they start ignoring you and avoid your calls and messages. In extreme cases, they might even block you on social media. You’d be left crying your heart out and wondering what went wrong.

How to avoid it: Try not to invest emotionally in a person right from the beginning. Let things develop naturally.

2. From Scrooge to Scrooging

The trend: Ending a relationship on a good day. The person becomes Scrooge and ruins your big day. If you get dumped on your birthday, a festival, or an anniversary – you’ve been ‘Scrooged’.

How to avoid it: Look for early signs. If your partner starts getting anxious and picks up silly fights before a big day, know that it’s time to say goodbye.

3. Putting the vultures to shame: Vulturing

The trend: When you’re trying to get out of a dying relationship and someone tries to take advantage of your vulnerable state. They hover around you, hoping to improve their prospects after you are done with your old relationship.

How to avoid it: Stay away from people who get overfriendly when you’re hitting a rough phase in your relationship.

4. Catfishing is real: Kittenfishing

The trend: Kittenfishing is when they pretend to be someone they are not.

How to avoid it: To be honest, everyone has tried being pretentious on different levels. Watch out for the people who keep blabbering about their travels and possessions.

5. Taking a U-Turn

The trend: Going all-in into a relationship and then realizing they’re not the one.

How to avoid it: Be wary of people who douse you with excess love right after meeting you for the first time.
Mindboggling trends, right? With the right precautions, you can avoid these toxic trends and aim for healthier relationships.

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