Best Ever Feeling: To Be Pregnant

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Feeling of Being First Time Pregnant

Pregnancy is a totally new phase of a woman’s life. Every new mother experience a lot of changes in her like physical changes, emotional changes, and social changes. When first time, you come to know that you are going to be a mother soon, the feeling at that time is very different. There is a mixed feeling of joy, happiness, and sometimes stress also.

If you are trying for a baby, then sharing the news of pregnancy with your partner will be excited for you. Since you want to know his reaction, while your partner may get shocked in the beginning and later gets very happy, anxious, and excited.

Sharing the news with the family sometimes becomes a festival. As everyone becomes so happy to know the arrival of a baby soon in the family. Seeing everyone happy, the pregnant mother becomes happier.

If any woman is getting pregnant for the first time, she feels very happy, scared, and a bit nervous. In the first trimester, some women feel some physical problems, while some women don’t face any problem. The physical problems are so common and it occurs because during pregnancy there are so many hormonal changes in the body. The common problem which a woman can bear during the first trimester are:

• Speedy heart rate
• Breast tenderness
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Morning sickness
• Vaginal bleeding
• Irritating urination
• Fever
• High blood pressure
• Mood swings
• Constipation
• Weight gain
• Food likes and dislikes

But all these problems reduce as a time of pregnancy increases. The best way to deal with all the problems is to stay happy, positive, and stress-free. And if family members and partners of the pregnant lady are helping and supportive, then there is no worry for anything.

Every pregnancy is different from the other. Some women feel some problems, while others feel some other problems.
During the ultrasound of the first trimester, you can see the following thing:

1. You can hear the heartbeat of the baby. It’s the best feeling in the world which cannot be replaced by any other feeling.
2. Development of kidney and small intestine.
3. The shape of the face of the baby with eyes, nose, limbs, legs, toes, and arms.

At the end of the first trimester, your baby becomes approximately 2.5-3 inches long.Seeing all these in the ultrasound, makes you feel so happy.

To have a safe pregnancy, you should take vitamin supplements, do regular exercise, workout on the floor, drink lots of water, eat healthy food which includes fruits and vegetables.

Pregnancy is the time where the life of a woman gets change. It is a joyous time. To adopt all the changes it’s mandatory for a woman to stay fit and happy.

Staying happy and stress-free is good for both mom and baby. To have a healthy baby just be positive, have a healthy diet, and gave a very nice attitude.

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