Back to pavilion, RCB defeated and so is Virat Kohli, IPL 2019

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Virat Kohli

Although Kohli is the leading batsman in IPL 2019, the team performance has put him out of the pavilion and he is very upset for the consistent bad performance of RCB.

Kohli has always been away from the IPL title and RCB has now ensured no scope for this to reverse in the current IPL 2019. They have hit the lowest performance and there is no scope to come back in the league now.

This defeat is not just for RCB, but Kohli’s leadership is now in doubts as despite several attempts to get RCB back in the grove the efforts seems to have gone down the drain.
The team is subjected to constant criticism for lacking new strategies and come back spirit. All seems to started well, but other than Kohli performance, nothing was a strong ground from RCB to come out with flying colours.

To add to the existing chaos, the umpire error added to the team demotivation and raised the frustration of Kohli in the passing matches. The Malinga and Kohli fumes during the match also played a eminent role in RCB to get out of the sport.

Virat has been the team captain from 2013. He is the fastest Indian captain to reach 4000 runs in the ODI.He is reward by the Padma shri Award in 2017 for his outstanding performance. Married to Anushka Sharma the Bollywood actress in 2018, Kohli is apple of the eyes in the Indian Cricket team.

His career and Anusha Presence at the stadium is all questioned and orthodoxically commented upon. His further degradation in performance at the IPL might get another label of unfortunate happening in connection to Anushka’s presence in his life, if not on the stadium.

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