Antenatal Class: Know All About Childbirth And Care

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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are also known as parentcraft classes. This is simply considered as childbirth education which helps you a lot in taking care of child delivery and also let you know about the labor pains.

Every pregnant lady wants a wealth of information on healthy pregnancy and child care so the antenatal classes are blessings for all those. The process of childbirth is mysterious for the first time to be mums.

This class is not just for new mums if you are considered for the second time it is also beneficial for you. There are so many private instructors or hospitals which are providing this course. Everyone has their physiology and teaching methods but all shares a common goal that is to provide information and to make you prepare for the child and child care.

When to join the antenatal class

Most powerful starts before 8 to 10 weeks of your due date means around 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. Most experts believe that you should enroll for the class about 6 to 7 months of pregnancy because this is the flexible time where you can learn about so many things and your diet, exercise, and fetal development.

Aim of the antenatal class

And theatre class next to help you build a social group also. In the class, you will be meeting the women like you with a bump. You can make new friends with you can discuss all your queries because you all are in the same phase. Other than this the main aim of the antenatal class are as follows:

• It helps you to cope up with the pains.
• You will be able to know what happens in the labor.
• Caring for your baby.
• Your feelings for birth and baby.
• How to feed the baby?

You will be able to talk about your feelings and concerns with the health professionals in the antenatal class. Even you may be meeting with the peoples who are in the same situation as you like to be parents soon.

Parenting class

Parenting classes that class which you can join after the baby’s birth. This class is just not for the new moms it is for all those who are taking care of the baby like mother, father, grandparents, or step-parents. You can never also take advice from the online parenting classes.

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