Amazing ways to look skinny and gorgeous

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Look slim and tall is every girl’s dream. But this is not possible for all. There are lots of ways to look instantly appealing without dangerous crash diet or plastic surgery. Follow some and look gorgeous:

1. Wear heels: This is quiet obvious of course. Everyone knows that heels work as magic by adding height and improve posture, giving taller and slimmer look. But many heels are uncomfortable to wear. You don’t have to wear sky high stilettos to look tall. 2-3″ of height also makes a big difference. Some of the best everyday heels include:

• A kitten heel, with a little bit of height in a sexy, thin heel shape.
• A heel with soft sole for comfort.
• A stacked pump with a thicker and more stable heel.
• A wedge heel which offers more support and stability.
• A platform plump or sandal.

2. Skinny waistline with a Belt: belts are great addition to wardrobe. It helps cinch the waist and gives an hourglass shape to body. Belt should be of same colour of the shorts or skirts you are wearing. Layering is also an important tool in looking taller and slimmer. The best way to use a belt with layering is by adding the belt to your cardigan or shawl to draw the fabric in and give you curves.

3. Add vertical stripes to your style: Wearing vertical strips make you look slim instead of horizontal ones. Vertical stripes will strengthen you and will help with illusion of taller and slimmer frame. The death can be subtle, liking piping or a tuxedo stripe.

4. Wear Jean’s with a Flare or Boot cut: Flare Jean’s draw attention down and gives an illusion of looking tall. Opt for a leg length which comes closet to the floor, but which doesn’t skin it.

5. Opt for High waist with flair top: opt for Jean’s, pants and skirt which have a high waist, it helps to look taller.

6. Use shaper wear to get an actually smaller body: Make your look much slimmer by wearing underclothes called shape-wear. These are shirts, shorts or bodysuits which are of elastic fibre that hold your body in key location.

7. Wear form fitting dress: Clothes that are small or big will both make look bigger than you are. Clothes shouldn’t be tight as it emphasises the appearance of fat rolls. Also clothes shouldn’t be loose as it add extra bulk to body. Even opting for a dress with a defined waist or a top with waist tie can give the illusion that your leg are longer and hence gives you a tall look.

8. Wear a hat with little height: wearing hat is advantageous as it not only gives a stylish look, but also helps to look taller then reality.

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