Alia Bhatt confesses her love relationship with Ranbir Kapoor on the 64th Filmfare Awards 2019

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Alia Bhatt & Ranbir kapoor

At the 64th Filmfare award 2019, held in Mumbai Jio garden, the most successful youngest Actor, Alia Bhatt made a special mention of Ranbir Kapoor and admitted her love and relationship with him on the award platform.

She gave a special mention to her boyfriend and Brahmastra co-star Ranbir Kapoor at the 64th Filmfare Awards on Saturday. She called him her ‘special man’ in her speech as she took home the Best Actor Female award for Raazi.

After receiving the award, Alia said, “Meghna for me Raazi is you, your blood and sweat. You are my main chick. Vicky without you, the film wouldn’t be complete. Thank you my mentor Karan for being my mentor, father and my fashion police. Tonight’s all about love there my special one, I love you Ranbir Kapoor.”

As Alia gave her speech, cameras zoom in towards Ranbir and caught him blushing. As much as he enjoyed the confession of the relationship from his ladylove in public, he was equal shy. He was seen covering his face with his hands, much to the audience’s delight. The couple has been in news and spinning social media for their relationship and their ups and down in it. However, a public confession of the relationship is a great boost to both of them and will stabilise the relationship in a long run as both seem to be looking at getting committed to each other for long.

As the award night grew more glamorous both were seen greeting and smiling at their ex-lovers with quite a poise and respect towards others. This has been a major turn around for both of them and will surely work wonders hopefully for their relationship with each other and their professional relations in the industry. All the best to both the successful film fraternity kids.

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