Adult Sex Comedy Tamil Actress Yashika Commits Suicide by Hanging Self

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Yashika Anand

Known as Yashika Anand, her real name was Mary Sheela Jabarani and she belonged to a Punjabi Family. As her career progressed with 6 films released in Tamil and 6 more that she was signed for, other than 2 popular ongoing Tamil TV shows-Big Boss Tamil 2 and Jodi Season 10, she had met a person whom she wanted to spend her life with.

Yashika Anand was in a live in relationship with the love of her life, since the last few month. Day next to Valentine’s night, the couple has a spat over a unknown issue and her partner left the home. Having left alone, she committed suicide by hanging herself to death. Before taking this rash decision, she wrote out a whatsapp message to her mother, letting her know what she was upto.

Police recovered her dead body from her rental flat, where the couple nested and is now hunting for her partner, who is missing from the time, they both had an argument.

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