Add Bling to Your Life With the Perfect Pair of Earrings

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Perfect Pair of Earrings

Women have to hear a lot from society. We say, why not do it in style? An earring can change the way you look, that’s what every woman will tell you. A pair of sparkly earrings can enhance your facial features and bring out the best in you. Earrings have been the most prized possession for women around the world. You must have experienced those days when all you wanted to do was go back to your shell because your outfit just won’t listen to you! Be it a flirty summer dress or formal attire, earrings can accessorize any look.

What kind of earrings do you like? Well, every kind that exists (duh!), right? When it comes to earrings, it becomes so difficult to choose any particular type. You feel like a child in a candy shop trying to pick out every type of candy that your eyes can land on. Thank god we have so many varieties of earrings that we are spoilt for choice. Specific face types require specific earrings. Although it’s not a mandatory rule, the type of earrings you wear can be used to their maximum potential if you buy the one that suits your face. It’s not rocket science! Read till the end to find out what type of earring would be perfect for you.

1. Classic Studs

Studs have ruled the hearts of women since the time of their inception. These small, cute, and lightweight earrings can be paired with any outfit to add shine on your face. From diamonds to pearls, a stud can be found in thousands of styles to suit your needs

Suits: Every type of face! This is the most versatile earring and can be flaunted by anyone.

2. Dainty Drops

A pair of drops can make you look drop-dead gorgeous in a minute. These earrings have a small portion hanging below the earlobe and can be found in a variety of materials. Defining elegance becomes an easy task with these earrings.

Suits: These are best suited for women having an oval face.

3. Phenomenal Danglers

We said phenomenal because these earrings hold the power to turn the attention of an entire room in your direction. Strut about wearing a dangler and the world will take notice. These are available in myriads of lengths and shapes to make every woman feel special.

Suits: Danglers suit long-faced women.

4. Hooping the Hoops

The 90s were characterized by their nonchalant fashion statements and, hoops! These simple metal rings can transform you from sweet to sultry in seconds.

Suits: Hart-shaped faces and rounded-oval ones too.

5. Statement Piece: Cuffs

If you haven’t tried the cuff yet, you haven’t looked your best till now. Reveal your inner diva with a pair of sparkly gold cuffs and amaze the world with your aura.

Suits: Long and semi-rounded faces.

If you have to transform your look in a matter of seconds, don’t bat an eyelash ad buy these earrings today!

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