A Salute to Each & Every Women for their Immeasurable Contribution in this Global Pandemic Coronavirus

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Salute to Women

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key strategies in flattening the curve of infection rates. These isolation periods involve individuals or families staying within their homes, and not having physical contact with those outside.

The global spread of COVID-19, the respiratory disease that the novel coronavirus causes, has pushed the whole country into lockdown.The schools and offices in the whole world are closed. This time is the biggest challenge for women all across the world.

With the prospect of school and day-care closures, as well as workplaces shifting down or moving to remote working, all the families around the world face the task of staying home. The lockdown over COVID-19 is forcing families to redefine quality time, as the duration is not a few hours a day but days together.Lockdown have made the life of women very busy and tough.

Through this article, we just want to thanks and salute to all the the women, who are standing for the family, without any complaint.The role of women in this lockdown is unpredictable. Women is maintaining all the household chores which includes cooking, sanitizing house, taking care of all family members including children, teaching them, keep children busy in different activities, spending time with children and everyone in family. Only women can do this much.

It’s not a joke to manage home with kids while work from home, but situation all over the world is getting worst day by day. It’s very difficult for a women to balance their work and taking care of children and everything.Work done by women in this pandemic situation :

1. Cooking
2. Sanitizing house
3. Washing dishes and clothes
4. Taking care of family members
5. Spending and giving time to children ( which is of course the most challenging)
6. Maintaining whole house

Women all across the world are appreciable. Other members of the family should help woman in their work like the Bollywood actors doing.

• Kartik Aryan on 23rd March 2020 shared how they have been spending their time. He shared a picture of him scrubbing dishes.
Katrina Kaif also shared the pic scrubbing dishes and impart tips to fans on how to wash dishes without wasting too much water.
• Rajkumar Rao is seen helping with chopping of veggies to cook a yummy meal at home with his girlfriend Patrelekhaa.
• Moni Rou shared beautiful posts on Instagram plucking tomatoes in a farm.
• Big Boss Fame Karanvir Bohra, posted a pic on Instagram, in which he hold a brum and tell that it is the right time for all men to take over household chores and help your beloved wives.
Saif Ali Khan teaches gardening lesson to his son Taimur Ali Khan.
Akshay Kumar seen chilling with his wife and daughter in their backyard.
• Madhuri Dixit shared and adorable selfie where she was seen spending the extra time with her family.

When all the celebrities are helping their beloved wives, and are giving them time, then this is the responsibility of each citizen to help their wives in household chores and give them some relaxing time.

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