A 7-Year-Old Boy from Hyderabad Scales Mount Kilimanjaro !!

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Scaling a peak of a mountain is not an ordinary achievement. Little Samanyu Pothuraju from Hyderabad did the unimaginable. Yes, he scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Tanzania’s as well as Africa’s highest peak.

Mount Kilimanjaro always beckons mountaineers across the globe to scale its peak. Last month, seven-year-old Samanyu went to Tanzania, especially with a dream in those little-starry eyes to scale Mount Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak. And he did it successfully to set up a new world record.

His mom, Lavanya and coach Thammineni Bharath along with Shangabandi Srujana (mountaineer) also stood by his side when he decided the trek the mountain.

Neither Weather nor Fear Could Shatter Samanyu’s Dream

Samanyu was ready to face severe challenges on his way. He overcame all odds while climbing atop of the peak in a few days. His legs swelled and faced a lot of pain apart from worrisome weather conditions but Samanyu didn’t stop.
In a brief interview with a reputed media agency, Samanyu admitted that initially, he was afraid, and felt a lot of pain in legs but he was thoroughly determined to scale the peak. All-in-all it was one of the toughest mountainous expedition of 5895 meters in recent times.

Samanyu’s mother, Lavanya also backed out during the trek midway due to some health issues. But Samanyu marched on. The trekking team that accompanied Samanyu and others climbed on from March 29 to April 2 – and the rest is history.

How Samanyu Could Do the Impossible ?

Samanyu’s mother Lavanya is extremely elated at her son’s achievement. She told media that Samanyu’s peer group and school motivated him a lot to pick up mountaineering. The whiz kid used to wake up daily at 3 a.m. for practice. Within the next 72-hours, Samanyu miraculously broke the world record of Montana Kenney (US) who climbed the peak when he was 2284 days, but Samanyu scaled the same at 2281 days only. Little Samanyu is a huge fan of Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan and wished to meet him at the soonest.

In a chaotic time of ours, hearing such things take us back to our childhood days. There is no doubt that Samanyu’s wonderful accomplishment has made every Indian proud of what he has achieved at such a little age. More power to him and we are sure that he will set up many more world records in the coming days.

Hats Off! Little Kid. Way to Go. All the Best.

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