9 Reasons Why You are the Worst Enemy of Yourself

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Worst Enemy Of Yourself

A person can have others in their life they call enemies, but what if the enemy is their own self?

People might not be aware that they can make them self their worst enemy to happiness or success. There are different reasons that one can examine to determine whether they are doing this or not.

1. No to Change

People who feel down about themselves are usually the kind of people who don’t embrace change in life. The constant in the world is change but there are types of people who are incapable of accepting and adapting to it.

They are secure in their own comfort zone.

It is not necessarily a problem being comfortable but if changes occur it is needed to react in a positive manner. To become a more productive person they should be willing to the step out of their comfort zone and embraces the changes that can occur in life.

Resisting change in certain aspects of life can lead to stagnation. Change can be beneficial and should be pursued to make life more meaningful.

2. Putting Yourself Down

Not believing in yourself can create doubts. The belief that you can’t do something or even do it more successfully than other people around you, is a reason one could consider them self their own worst enemy.

The kind of person who will tell them self that they can’t do something and it is impossible might be their own enemy. This person can start to feel down about them self because they don’t want to try before telling themselves that they have already not succeeded.

These types of people can fail by doing nothing rather than taking the risk of trying something, whatever the outcome.

3. Depending on Others

Knowing someone is there to look after you can be a positive thing. It can give you the feeling of security when problems arise. But sometimes this idea of having someone to depend on transforms into unhealthy dependency, in certain people.

They become too dependent, to the point that they forget how to solve the problems on their own. Too much dependency is unhealthy because you can forget how to care for yourself.

That’s why the kind of people who get too dependent on someone might find less challenge in life and it begins to get dull. They have let others do the things for them rather than them doing it on their own.

At some point, they can recognize this and feel they have made them self their own enemy by being less independent.

4. Feelings of Anxiety

Worrying too much about the future can be detrimental, but there are people who fear it without perspective. These types of people think of the future as something to worry about rather than wait to see if problems actually will occur.

Constant worrying makes life unhappy for themselves and others around them. If we worry about situations or events to much it can lead to depression and be reinforcing. Anxiety can cause unhappiness and be in this state can make you question life decisions.

These feelings can lead someone to view them self as unhealthy.

5. Trusting Others More than Yourself

Another problem of some people is the lack of trust in their own instincts. If they decide to accomplish something, they need confirmation from others that they can really do it. They can depend on others advice rather than rely on them self for encouragement.

These people can only follow instructions and need to be told what to do because they trust others opinions more them self. This could lead to lower self-esteem and could be a cause of someone viewing them self as an enemy.

6. Projecting Negativity

A person who projects too much negativity can begin to dislike them self through their actions. There are instances in life that not everything falls into place but letting negativity overtake can then cause more unhappiness.

Focusing on changing negative emotions into positivity is a sustainable way to live. Some people don’t know how to overcome the negative encounters of life and change their view to positive.

If being negative is what you view of life then there could be a higher tendency that you will have a negatively oriented life. This could cause someone to unintentionally make them self as their own enemy.

7. Caring too Much about Others Opinions

Caring about others opinions, more than you own can be an unproductive way to live life. Doing this may lead to disappointment and not being true to yourself.

If the person cares too much about what other people think rather than living life on their own terms, they can feel unbalanced. Showing a behavior that you think is appropriate to the crowd around you just to impress others means not being who you really are.

If the person focuses on this, it could cause disappointment. This path could lead to not being who you really want to be because you care too much about pleasing other people. Trying to fit into another person’s view of the world can cause long term issues.

People who practice this kind of behavior will usually be unhappy and they will start to experience negative emotions.

8. Playing it Safe

These types of people are the ones who don’t make the sustained effort because they don’t want to take the risks associated with decisions. They play it safe with life and take whatever is offered in front of them.

They choose to not engage with others that could lead to an enhancement their life through competition. They are content with what they have at the moment and let life do the changes for them.

This can be a way to feel more secure in the short term but if things occur that are unexpected this could lead to regret. Not pushing harder at different points of their life can then force them to accept undesirable situations later.

They have let their negativity cause them to become their own worst enemy by refusing to engage and push to fulfill their potential.\

9. Waiting for Life

People who wait for things to happen in their lives are not motivated enough.

People who delay solving problems or waiting for outside inspiration are the types of people who might not regard themselves as successful. If no one motivates you or inspires you then be the one to be the inspiration for yourself or for others.

Motivate yourself to accomplish the things that you think are challenging to pursue. Sitting back and letting life occur around you can cause people to view them self in a negative way. Being proactive and finding your own path can be way to reverse these feelings.

Otherwise, a person can over the long term, view them self as their own enemy, limiting their progress.

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