7 Types of Hair Accessories that are must to have in every Girl’s Closet

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Hair Accessories

Putting makeup on and getting dressed are things we do all of the time, but hair accessories are a little bit more special, and they are also easy way to change up your look from season to season.

Hair accessories will never go out of style as they add a touch flair to any everyday hairstyle. Whether you are looking for trendy hair accessories for girls or a fancy way to spruce up your hair, you can add a fun or glamorous accessory to make your hairstyle stand out.

In this article, we are going to highlight popular hair accessories. Have fun experimenting with different looks and accessories.

1. Hair Pins: Despite their small size, hairpins can add a great deal of style to a simple hairdo. A sparkly hairpin can add flair to a classic up do. And a funky pattern of colourful hairpins can spice up an everyday hairstyle. You can use basic colourful Bobby pins or look for some bedazzled hairpins and dress up your do in simple steps.

2. Tiara: Tiara is a jewelled, ornamental crown traditionally worn by women. It is worn during formal occasions. Nowadays tiara is the most stylish accessory. It is truly a beautiful addition to any party outfit. A reason to buy tiara is to practised walking with a crown on your hair. A tiara is full of crystals and gems can be quite heavy.

3. Hair Bow’s: The trend disappeared for a few years, but our obsession with hair accessories this year has brought it back! Hair bows can add a sense of playfulness and feminine chic to a classy look. When placed properly, they can be quite glamorous and dramatic.

4. Jumbo Headbands: Headbands have come a long way since they popped. Now, they’re big, they’re embellished and they come in tons of textures, colours, and prints.

5. Draped and Bejewelled Headpiece: These are heavy hair accessories, which can be used only on some special occasions. These are very unique and can be customised in any colour as per the choice. During fashion shows, model use this.

6. Pearls: Whether decorating larger hair accessories or dotting the hair delicately all on their, Pearl’s are lovely touch and cutest hair accessory.

7. Hair Ribbons: Some might consider hair ribbons to be childish, but they look elegant and stylish. They can be multi-functional . You can wrap them around your head like a headband or use them to tie back a braid or ponytail. From silk, felt or satin to sparkly and patterned styles, ribbons can help dress up any look, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town.

Choose hair accessory as per your choice and look stylish and elegant

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