61 Yrs old neighbour rapes 6 yrs old girl child

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The victim’s identity is kept private to ensure there is no defamation to the assaulted minor from the news on the crime held on her as per the supreme court privacy directives.

It is said that with age comes maturity, sensibility, and consideration for others. However in this case, with age, the old man seemed to have become a criminal mind. He sought a 6 years old child in his nearby neighbourhood and had a criminal act cooking up in his mind against her.

The 6 yrs old girl child was unaware of the devil act that the old man was planning and she was lured to his grandfatherly approach and showcase of love and care.

This old man started to regularly follow the 6-year-old child and got friendly with her day by day. As days passed, he started luring her with an offer to provide her loads of chocolate. Despite this lure, the kid was not comfortable to visit his home to collect those chocolates. But ultimately the child gave in to the attraction of chocolates and visited the old men home alone.

From there on the vicious cycle of sexual assault started on the kid. The kid was not even knowing what exactly is getting done to her except that she used to be in terrible pain and eventually started to complain to her parents about the old man and the pain that she was having. What a terrible act of luring and exploiting a small kid, that a mad old man thought off. This cruel act continued for a few days until the kid was in deep pain and spoke out about the pain to her parents.

Ultimately, the parents confided the old neighbour and he accepted his criminal act on the minor girl. Post which the police arrested him and he is now awaiting the further proceedings of law. The medical examination of the minor has proved the crime done by the old man and now the case will be proceeded to finalise the punishment.

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