6 Ways to Get Salon like Curls at Home without using Curling Iron

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Curly hairs

Like hair straightening, hair curls are always in fashion. Hair curl add volume to your hair and gives a stylish look.

Using Curling iron causes damage to your hair, because excessive heat on hair is harmful. But there are several ways to curl your hair at home, without using heating appliances and without investing money.

But before we proceed, let’s have a look to the advantage of curling hair:

It reduces hair fall, because you don’t comb your hair repeatedly.
• There are many types of curl, different types of curls give you a different and fresh look.
• You don’t need hair pin and ponytail, because you are already having gorgeous hair.
• Curling add volume to your hair. If the thickness of hair is low, then curling gives them a voluminous look.

But, using heating equipment, can damage hair. There are many disadvantages of using curling equipment. They are as:

• They make your hair look appear dull and lifeless.
• Heat of heating equipment gives you more split ends.
• You loss your hair, due to excessive heat.
Hair gets weak.
• Overuse of heating equipment makes your hair rough and brittle.


1. Braiding for natural waves: Make two braids on your washed and blot hair. The more you want the tight curls, the more braid you need to make. Gently loose the braids, once your hair dry completely. Now shake your hair freely. And you are ready with natural waves.

2. Pin curls: Wash your hair. Pin your hair before going to bed in the night and then you wake up in the morning, just take out the pins. You will have gorgeous curl. This style is never out of fashion. You sleep with different hair in the night and wake up with different hair. Isn’t it magical?

3. Paper towel method: Take a paper towel and fold you damped hair on the paper. Start rolling in the upward direction. Take 1-2 inch of each section of hair. Repeat the same with all your hair. You can sleep with these too. When you unfold the paper towel, apply some hairspray to hold them.

4. Twisted bun method: This method is very useful for volumizing your hair. Section your hair in two parts from the center. Take one section, twist the hair until they reach to the roof and tie them tightly. Repeat the same with other section. Keep it for some time or you can keep them overnight. Undo the twisted buns and run your fingers in order to comb.

5. Hair belt method: For this method, you just need a hair belt and a hair spray (seat-belt spray, chemical free). Wrap a hair belt on your damped hair, section hair in two parts. Start wrapping first section on hair belt and repeat with second. Once done, pin them so that they can get tight. Completely dry your hair and then unpin it. Don’t comb with brush, just comb with fingers and apply low-salt spray for hold.

6. Velcro Rollers: Apply this method on dampen hair. Make section of your hair according to their thickness and roll them upwards, till it reaches your scalp. Put these roller for some time. Undo curls and finger comb them and apply hair spray for hold. This method gives volume to your hair.

Many of our Bollywood Divas are having natural curls. They are looking beautiful and gorgeous like Kangana Ranauat, Tapsee Panu, Drashti Dhami, Neha Kakaar, Preet Zinda, Kiran Rao, Manasi Parekh and many more.

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