6 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself In Difficult Times

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How to Motivate Yourself

Do you struggle to motivate yourself?

As we progress in leaps and bounds, ushering the latest technology into the comfort of our home, we are giving into impulsiveness with every passing day.

We are ushering competition, stress and anxiety into our lives. Amidst bigger dreams and even bigger goals, falling short of contentment at times, can be natural.

Or life could pose with some complex threats such as emotional conflicts and financial insufficiency which could be extremely stressful to combat.

For some people while a sound emotional support helps to a large extent, however for the ones who are generally not very expressive, difficult times can seriously pose a threat to your physical and mental well being.

In such difficult times, digging deep for inspiration is important. It is also essential to remain self motivated and nurture yourself during this period. Passion and purpose always go hand in hand and success and happiness follows.

Here are simple and important ways to motivate yourself during difficult times.

1. Know that ‘This too shall pass’

As the above adage goes, every material condition, positive or negative, is temporary.

Therefore, first and foremost know that difficult times are just a phase which will eventually disappear. Every individual on this earth dwells with their respective share of difficulties. The more we experience, the more we grow.

Hold yourself together and try to remain with perseverance during tough times. You cannot choose or control your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude towards your circumstances. Realize that you have come a long way. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

2. Create A Purpose

All of us have our individual purposes to pursue. Invest in larger and deeper goals of life. De-clutter and start simple and eventually, work your way towards them one by one.

Be true to yourself and evaluate your current state of being. Analyze how much work you can do in the present circumstances and begin small. If you are facing financial strains, consider changing career options or enrolling for a learning course which will give you that breakthrough.

Develop a Mantra in life. Write it down and look at it every morning you wake up and ensure that you swear by it for the rest of the day.

3. Take A Break from Your Worries

Let go off your worries for once and venture out. Take a break. Spend considerable time outdoors amidst nature. Take a break at the beach or the mountains or simply go for a long drive during the weekend.

Venture with friends or just go alone. You can go camping and spend a few days away from all the materialistic pleasures.

Switch off your phone, laptop or other gadgets when you are on vacation. Open your mind and think empowering and expansive thoughts. Breathe and feel the moments.

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Care

Family and friends can be your support during hard times.

Many of our worries come from self doubt. Keep in touch and confide into people who care for you and who want to see you succeed. Have open conversations about your stressfull times and allow them to share advice and thoughts. Socialize with optimistic people.

If you live away from family, call them and speak to them often. Meet up friends and indulge in light conversations. Motivation is contagious and the moment you interact with individuals who are cheerful and upbeat, you will catch the vibe too.

5. Love Yourself

Hard times can take on a toll on your health. Ensure that you drink enough water and maintain healthy eating habits.

Get enough sleep everyday and when you do so, detach yourself from all the gadgets and distractions. Wake up early and begin your day. Make your mornings simple and stress free. Have a wholesome breakfast. Exercise regularly and listen to music.

Celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. Maintain a journal to note down your thoughts, emotions and aspirations. Do not compare yourself with others. There will always be people ahead of you and some of them, much ahead. Focus on your results, instead of others’.

6. Pursue A Passion

Pursuing a creative habit would inculcate concentration and bring peace. It’s the seriously the best way to motivate yourself.

It will divert you from your constant worries. Remember, that anxiety will not assist you in motivating yourself in difficult times. You need to demonstrate ultimate perseverance and perform to the best of your opportunities if you want to sail out of tough times.

You could join the local salsa classes, take piano lessons or simply learn a new language. Do something what you’ve always wanted to do or something you are good at. Harnessing your creative side will make you bring more peace into your soul.

Additionally, your mind will not have to rigorously function. You will find solace in your creative endeavors.

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