5 Types of Pants That Will Make You Forget About Your Jeans

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Types of Pants That Will Make You Forget About Your Jeans

How many pairs of jeans do you own? If your answer is anywhere between 10 to 20, you need to refresh (and update) your wardrobe. Girls are wearing jeans on every occasion they can. Formal wear: Jeans with a shirt. Traditional wear: Jeans with a Kurta. Informal wear: Jeans with a fancy top. Why does it have to be jeans all the time? Aren’t you tired of the same ripped, washed, faded, bleached, and striped designs that have been around since the time of the dinosaurs? (Okay, not that old but, still old)

Put aside your jeans and let us introduce you to comfy and uber-chic pants that are a hundred times better than your regular denim. If you open your eyes, you will find ultra-stylish pants that celebs are rocking on fashion show ramps. Taking a cue from them, we have brought for you some of the best and comfy pants that will make you ditch your old jeans.

1. The roomy wide-leg trouser

These are similar to palazzos and will make you feel light and relaxed. From floral prints to solid blocks, you can choose a pair of pants in any design of your choice.

How to style it:

Pick a trouser in coral shades as they are in vogue. Pair it with a plain white T-shirt to look like a goddess.

2. High-octane joggers

If you want comfort with durability, this is your best pick. These sportswear-meets-fashion pants are trending on every celebrity’s Instagram posts. They’re comfortable, trendy, and can even double up as a shaper. What more do you need?

How to style it:

Find a jogger in olive-green color and pair it with a black tank top to give off a sportive vibe.

3. Classy belted eyelet trouser

Want to look and feel like a queen? These trousers have been custom-built to make you feel like you can rule the world. (Yes, you can!)

How to style it:

Think of a classic white shirt, a trouser in a pastel shade, and a pair of high heels. Got it?

4. Bossy Ankle-length pants

Versatile, comfortable, and classy; ankle-length pants have become the new favorite of every working lady. Forget about those claustrophobic knee-length skirts because these pants will make you walk around like you own the place.

How to style it:

Pair it with a crisp shirt for a classy office look. For a slightly informal occasion, you can wear a plain tank-top with a jacket in contrasting shades.

5. Cute culottes

Comfort comes first. These wide-bottomed pants are every woman’s best friend. From office wear to party wear, there’s nothing that culottes can’t handle.

How to style it:

Culottes with a long ribbon at the waist are the perfect way to make a fashion statement. If you’re choosing the pant in dark shades, keep the top neutral. Accessorize with large earrings to get that oomph factor.

We’re confident that you have already decided to do away with that denim. Include these pants in your wardrobe and get ready to rock the world!

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