5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Hair

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Tips to take care of baby's Hair

Here are few tips a mom should follow to take care of their baby’s hair:

1. Washing Hair

It is quite necessary to wash their hair at least 2 or 3 times a week. If your child is facing issues of cradle cap then you should wash your baby’s hair 3 times a week. When you are washing hair for your baby, don’t forget to add olive oil on the hair scalps to loosen the flakes. Always use babies shampoo for your baby because adult’s shampoo contains heavy detergents and chemicals which will be harmful to your baby. So use only baby shampoo.

2. Combing

Combing is very necessary for the baby’s hair. With proper combing, you can set the hair properly and make sure that you have to do combing with very gentle hands because the skin of the baby’s is quite sensitive. Combing helps you to open the pores of the scalp for healthy sebum production. That’s why combing is necessary and make sure that you have not to do combing again and again. Just do it once or twice a day.

3. Hair Tangling

As we have seen that the growth of baby’s hairs is too fast. The hair got tangled down when it goes long. So, to stop tangling a mom have to use a baby conditioner that should be applied regularly and don’t forget to comb their hair after washing them with gentle hands. Caring for a baby’s hair is not an easy task at all. You have to be very careful about the cradle cap which is a very common issue for babies.

4. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is very necessary to keep the baby’s hair soft and smooth. It should be done with the natural oils made for babies like coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. These oils are made up of natural resources and are the perfect thing to male baby’s hair strong and healthy. Moisturizing also reduces dandruff and dryness chances.

5. Massage with Oil

Oil Massage is quite necessary for their hair. We know that we are doing the whole-body massage for our babies but don’t forget to do oil massage on their hair. It will make their hair strong, soft, and healthy also. Oil hair massage also helps in opening the pores of the scalp which speed up the blood circulation and also help them to get better sleep. Oil massage also removes dandruff. Do massage in a circular motion without any pressure.

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