5 Tips On How To Get Ready For Your First Date

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Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone First Date

Did he ask you out? Congrats! But what are you going to wear? That’s where many girls get stuck. Impressing a guy and getting asked out is only half the work. You still have loads to do. The first date will determine how long your chemistry will last. Ruin the first date, and you might never see him again. Amid the wardrobe panic, it is easy to miss out on a few critical things.

Why is it important to look your best on the first date? The first impression is the last, haven’t you heard that? The first 3 seconds of your meet will create long-lasting impacts that will be hard to erase. So, use the 3 seconds to your advantage. ‘Dress to impress’ that should be your motto. If you want to make him go weak on his knees the moment his eyes land on you, follow these fantastic ideas!

1. Mind The Colour

Is there any colour that suits you? What is the colour that you always get complimented on? If you can answer these questions, then choose the same colour for your outfit. It could be something that suits your skin tone or facial features. Researches show that men are attracted to red on the first date. If you want to be bold, go for a short red dress with black stilettos.

2. No Heavy Makeup

Less is more. Live by that. Go for minimal makeup. If you have to do makeup at all costs, try doing a natural or nude makeup. Follow YouTube tutorials to nail the nude makeup look. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try a bold pink or mauve lipstick.

3. Be Careful Of How Much You Reveal

You might feel adventurous and go for a low-cut or backless dress. But, try to balance it out. If you are wearing a backless dress, go for long sleeves. And, if you are going for a low-cut neckline, try to keep the length of the dress long.

4. The Right Pair Of Shoes

It all depends on your dress. If you’re wearing a short dress, high heels will accentuate your look. If you have decided to go with a maxi dress or jeans, you can try wearing ballerinas or pretty sandals. The color of your shoe is also important. Go for contrasting colours instead of playing match-match.

5. What To Avoid

Avoid being showy on a first date. Strategize your look and keep everything simple. You don’t have to show off all your brands at the same time. Don’t try to act like you’re over-enthusiastic. Take it a notch down. Talk normally and make him feel that he should be grateful that you said yes. Even if he is the guy you’ve always wanted to date, don’t let him know that.

All set? Take a deep breath and relax! Go with full confidence and make him fall for you on the first date.

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