5 Make-Up Trends not in fashion these days

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Rusty Red Eyeshadow

Make-up is all about having fun and expressing one’s own personality. It is also about enhancing our features and feeling great about ourselves. What it’s not about, though, is making a set of trends the norm. Trends should not be ruling your life. This is because not only do they not suit everyone, but also because they create a homogeneity that takes all the creativity and uniqueness out of the process. There are a couple of them that have already become ubiquitous this year and we’re sick of seeing the following trends splashed across Instagram. Retire, already!

Rusty red eyeshadow

A great way to look like you have jaundice without actually having jaundice! Kylie Jenner’s favourite burnt oranges and rusty reds have made their way into a number of eyeshadow palettes, be it Huda Beauty’s eyeshadow palette, or Kat Von D’s otherwise lustworthy eye contour palette. But, considering how these shades do nothing for those who don’t have blue eyes, we’d be happy to wave this trend goodbye.

Stiletto Stick On Nails

Cool only when Rihanna does it, this manicure trend is one that is horrible for your nails thanks to that awful glue. To add to that, they are really hard to maintain, and look dated, now that there are cooler manicure trends out on the market.

Cut-Crease Eyeshadow

Some of the best make-up looks are those confusingly flawless ones which don’t betray a trace of makeup. Cut-crease eyeshadow looks are the opposite of that. Very artistic and fun to watch on Instagram, they are best recreated in the event of a stage function, and not for an everyday make-up look.

Lip Plumping

Another Kardashian-Jenner inspired trend, we wish the lip-plumping craze was less common. Horrifyingly enough, though, there are scores of Instagram beauty vloggers injecting their lips, wincing in pain, and injecting again. And don’t even get us started on the Kylie-inspired bottle-suction technique for DIY lip-plumping!

Overdrawn eyebrows

After the reed-thin brows from the 90s, the heavily-pencilled brows from the past two years are yet another very unnatural looking grooming trend which needs to die, already! Since the whole point of make-up is to enhance what is already there, so heavy-handed pencilling that leads to obviously painted and tattoo-esque brows, needs to go. Brow grooming is all about the shape of your eyes and your face, not what is trendy!

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