5 Famous Indian Women Engineers

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Women Engineer

In Today’s era, there is nothing which a woman can’t do. Basically, we have seen Male workers in Engineering industry but now women had proved this wrong and had taken a decision to go through this field.

There are number of women who are having a magnificent career in Engineering.

Here is the list of some famous Indian women engineer –

Priya Balasubramaniam

She is the Vice-President of Apple’s iPhone operation, she had joined in 2001 and then never looked back. She had promoted many times, now she is in International supply chain team and handling manufacturing of Apple’s iPhone. She is responsible for overseeing quality and repair operation of iPhone device. She had made our country proud.
In February 2017, Priya was awarded as ‘The 5th Most powerful engineer’ in am article by Business Insider.
In December 2017, she was awarded honorary Doctorate of Engineering by Michigan State University.

Nandani Ramani

She is Vice-President of Engineering in Twitter. Nandani had earned Master’s degree from Indian Institute of Science. She plays a very crucial role for the company; she mainly makes the strategies for product emerging marketing in the world.

She was involved in many other projects like Early Bird Camp Internship programme for high school students.
Nandani is one of the former Twitter Leaders to make move into health care.Before joining Twitter, she was Vice-president at Oracle where she had end-to-end ownership of java platform.

Raji Arasu

She is Senior vice-president at Intuit. She had completed bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Pune University.Before joining Intuit, she was she was vice-president of engineering at EBay.

EBay entitled her as a role model for women, because she had achieved board level position in just 12 years. She is role model for all the peoples who wants to make their career in Technology.

Arasu is noted for her work towards educating, mentoring and empowering women to be successful in the in the male dominated computer and technology industry.

Prachi Gupta

She is Director of Engineering at LinkedIn. She had completed her master’s degree in computer application from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya. She had experience of almost 2 decades and right now working as a Director of Engineering.She has also worked with Garmin International, Women’s audio mission Intellicus technologies and many more.

Komal Mangtani

She is Senior Director of Uber; she has completed her bachelor’s degree in computer Engineering from Dharamsingh Desai Institute of Technology.Before Uber she had worked with Oracle, VMware, Box and many more.

Currently she has experience of almost two decades. Komal is one of the small but growing group of women leaders in the global technology world.

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