5 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Get The Most Stylish Traditional Wear Wardrobe Ever

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Shilpa Shetty Sexy Look

Take this as a fact: Those who are pro in investing in basics, always lead the fashion game. I’ll call them smart as they are always stocked up with essentials to flaunt a statement look out of the most basic fashion picks. Now when it comes to your Traditional Indian Dresses, you might at times find it challenging to envisage a versatile full proof wardrobe easily take you from simple work wear to glamorous party looks effortlessly. It’s actually not as perplexing as it seems!

In fact when it comes to Indian ethnic wear it is quite easy to make distinct collection that can take you long way to provide you with a plethora of options when you go out shopping! Don’t trust me? So, to prove my point here are 5 celeb-approved ways to get the most stylish traditional wear wardrobe that you will ever have.


Start Off With Basic Hues

Basic Hues

Straight from your formals to occasion wear, neutral hues like white, beige, cream, ecru and taupe make for the most stylish as well as versatile closet picks. Not only do these shades go with everything you can imagine, but they are also likely to look less repetitious as compared to other brighter shades and prints. So, invest in a pristine white kurti or anarkali that you can team up with several different bottoms and dupattas. You can also add a statement shawl or stole & cinch it with belt for that bohemian touch. Same goes with plain (very basic) Indian sarees, blouses and skirts.

Traditional Yet Contemporary

Shilpa Shetty

Traditional yet contemporary: It is as easy to follow as it sounds while picking your ethnic wear basics. Well, by contemporary I don’t mean trendy! I simple mean to say that you pay close attention to certain details like patterns, prints, colour and how you put it on. I am sure, none of you would like to look outdated when trying to get an Indian look and hence it’s important that you understand the designs as well as colour palettes.

Timeless Classics For Win-Win

Kangana Ranaut

Irrespective of how big a trend becomes for a particular time span, classics always have that way of winning the show. Banarasi silk sarees for that matter will help you enhance your graceful look and you’ll surely be complimented. You can also opt for Designer Lehenga for timeless elegance.

Keep Your Styling Assortment Handy

katrina Kaif

While preparing your stylishly versatile Indian wardrobe, make sure you add a couple of belts and jackets and you’ll love how far these very accessories/items will take you. For instance, a wisely picked belt would go equally well with a saree, kurta and a traditional skirt too. So, divas don’t forget to stock up on a sturdy, nice belt.

Fabric Is Also Important

Anushka Sharma

While we always keep the silhouette and design in mind, remember fabric is something that takes you far in the fashion game. So, I would recommend you to go for silks and chiffons. Silk is always elegant, a silk Salwar Kameez can transfer from a fancy dinner to a lunch time attire effortlessly. So can chiffon also do!

See fashionistas, easy peasy, isn’t it?

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