40 Dead in New Zealand ChristChurch Mosque massacre, Global terrorism on its surge

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New Zealand Attack

Friday is a day of worship at all Mosque. Usually, the worshippers start their day collecting at the mosque. The Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand had 500 People collected and left with blood on the mosque floor and dead bodies of over and other running haphazardly.

As the massacre occurred Police has issued a safety advised asking people to not collect at any location.

Schools have been closed down to ensure child are save at home considering further possibilities of casualties. Sirens buzzing all across, ambulances continue streaming and heavy police patrolling. Families have gone missing. Govt has activated a helpline number for the well being enquiry. Rumours are adding more panic to the situation.

“Stay Indoors” said the policy until further news..

Here is the hourly update of the series of events:

6:01pm: An update from Christchurch Airport over flights.

6:12pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is currently in a high level briefing and will address the country at 7pm.

6:23pm: Latest update from St John: St John has transferred multiple patients to Christchurch Hospital and local medical facilities.

Patient injuries ranged from minor through to those with critical gun shot wounds.

There have been multiple fatalities.

6:31pm: With everyone on edge, police say they are in attendance at an incident in Britomart, Auckland where a bag has been located unattended.

6:40pm: St Peter’s Anglican Church in Wellington is holding a vigil at 7pm tonight.

6:47pm: Sommerville St in Dunedin has been cordoned off by heavily armed police. Police have not confirmed if the cordon is related to the mosque attacks.

6:50pm: The lock down at Christchurch Hospital has now been lifted as police get control over what has been a, “fluid situation”.

6:55pm: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just spoken on the attacks.

“We grieve we are shocked appalled and outraged as we stand here and condemn the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist.

“In a vicious attack that has claimed so many New Zelander’s.”

He gave his heartfelt sympathies to all of the New Zealand people and all those of Islamic faith in Australia and New Zealand.

7:10pm: Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel has spoken to John Campbell this evening.

“We need to come together and care for each other, we need to make this unite us, not divide us.”

7:26pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has just confirmed that 40 people have died in the mosque attacks.

She said that 10 people were killed at the Linwood mosque and 30 at the Deans Ave mosque.

A further 20 people have been seriously injured.

Ms Ardern says those arrested today were not on any watch lists in New Zealand.

The national security threat has been raised from low to high in the wake of the attacks.

7:40pm: Gunman Brenton Tarrant had two accomplices and the fourth person arrested today was not connected to the shootings Ms Ardern says.

7:41pm: The Christchurch mosque shootings are now the deadliest in New Zealand history.

Previously the Aramoana massacre claimed the lives of 13 people in 1990.

7:47pm: The Canterbury District Health Board says there are currently 12 people in operating theatres being treated for gunshot wounds.

Another 48 people ranging from young children to adults were brought into hospitals around the Canterbury region after the attacks.

The CDHB are urging family members to stay away from Christchurch Hospital so people there can get the best treatment.

8:05pm: Canterbury District Health Board have just released a number for people to call if they need counselling.

“The events of today in Christchurch are distressing.

“If you or someone you know needs mental wellbeing support or advice then call or text 1737 anytime day or night to talk to a trained counsellor,” their statement reads.

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