4 Easiest Hairstyle Ideas When You’re Running Out Of Time

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Easy Hairstyles to Make

There are days when you can happily spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to get your hair done. Then there are days when all you want to do is wake up in the morning, grab a quick breakfast, and go out. For the first scenario, you need hours of free time and a happy mood. And for the second, you need some quick fixes. You can either look like a messy cat to let the world know that you woke up and darted out the door, or you can copy some quick hairstyles that will make everyone believe that you’ve spent hours on your hair.

Be it a quick bun or some gorgeous curls; the following hairstyles will make your life simpler and help you during all those occasions when you’re running out of time.

1. Simple Low Bun

We girls love our buns! They’re comfortable, quick, and look so elegant. If you’re tired of doing a messy bun, you could try the low bun. It’s like a cool hairstyle that will show you have spent an hour in front of the mirror when in reality, you have barely spared 5 minutes for it. To perfect this look, separate your hair into three sections. Use a hair tie to secure the middle section and hold it in place. Wrap the other two parts around it and turn it into a messy-yet-elegant low bun.

2. Minnie Mouse Buns

You cannot ignore the girlish charm that this hairstyle brings forth. The simple and gorgeous hairstyle is best for those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair. Separate your hair into two parts while leaving some strands in the front. Brush out the tangles and twist the sections into two messy buns on either side of your head. Secure the buns with bobby pins, and you’re good to go. It’s a no-fuss hairstyle and will keep you going for many hours.

3. Easy Deep Waves

There’s nothing chicer than smooth and soft waves on your hair. No, you don’t have to spend hours at the salon to achieve this look, a few minutes will suffice. Apply some serum on your hair and create smooth curls by wrapping your hair around a hair straightener. If the curls look tight, run a brush through your hair, and you will end up with voluminous and wavy hair.

4. The Topknot

A topknot can be tricky if you don’t know the right way to do it. If done the right way, it can enhance your features, and if you mess up, you might as well go back to a hermit’s cave. Take a brush and pull up the top section. Tie it into a small bun and secure it with bobby pins. You can also use hairspray to secure the bun in place.
These were some awesome hairstyles that will save you and your hair from major embarrassment. So, pick up your hairbrush and get started!

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