2 long-distance passenger trains in India bang head-on into each other

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Train Accident

The passengers on board were on their respective berths, when they felt such a massive jerk, that the upper deck passengers fell down. Most of them believed that it could be a jerk due to sudden brake applied by the driver. However, as passengers gather to see outside the train, they noticed that their train was head-on crashed by another train on the same train.

Both the trains had damage their drivers and engine area in the collide, lucky with no casualties, but bruises to both the train drivers and guards.

In no time, both the trains were evacuated and passengers shifted to a safe station nearby. If any passenger was found to have got hurt by the jerk causing them fell off from their berth was shifted to the hospital immediately. With the help of security forces and railway guards, all the trespasser and passengers collected near the engine area were evacuated as well for safety reasons.

The accident seemed to have held due to some miscommunication or misinterpretation of the signal given by the loco pilot to the drivers. However, the driver’s right decision of timely putting the brakes averted a major incident that would have occurred otherwise. This incident has thrown the railway services into a questionable commutation service and raised doubts in the minds of the passenger about the safety and trust the levy on the railway system.
The passenger narration of the heavy jerk and the moment of threat for their life at that moment of the accident, created a panic for the passengers of both the trains and other train passengers in their journey. This incident may also affect in the downfall of the commuters reducing the rail revenue from the long-distance journeys.

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