Why Today’s Generation Lacks Motivation?

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Take a newspaper, and you will find a number of news and articles regarding all the wrong doings of the youth including drug abuse, sexual crimes and violence day in and day out.

Why are they indulging in such nefarious activities? Lack of motivation is definitely the primary cause that throws youths into the deep tunnels of crimes and illegality. Basically, it’s a chain reaction. Lack of motivation gives rise to depression that compels them to indulge in such immoral activities.

List of Causes that are Spoiling Today’s Generation :

1) Feeling of Despair of Hopelessness

Out of 200 recognized nations, around 60% of the people are living in abject poverty. They don’t even avail basic necessities of life prompting them to indulge in crimes and violence. Social inequality is certainly ‘the factor’ leading to the feeling of hopelessness among youths.

2) The Silver Spoon Syndrome

Many of the Millennials are born with a silver spoon. They don’t want to face any difficulties of life. They wish to live in an ideal world of their own sans any reality. On facing real issues of life even it is a petty one like break up, they take arms in their own hands. Relationship chaos is still a major cause behind the rising cases of gun violence in the US.

3) Accepting Virtual World as Real

People spend around 12-14 hours of their daily lives inside social media, and computers. What did you accept? Exposing oneself on social media for so long definitely disengages them from the reality of the world. It makes today’s youth more aggressive and violent.

4) Inherent Laziness

Today’s youths are innately lazy and lethargic. Technology makes them lazier more than ever now. Starting from online shopping to online payment, youths have almost forgotten how to do conventional shopping and banking transactions in bricks and mortars.

Top 5 Motivation Tips for Today’s Youths :

It might be difficult in the beginning but if we wish to secure the future of our Gen X then it’s necessary to bring the today’s directionless youth back to the Basics and motivate them more.

1) Observe the Reality around Us

Gen Next should spend more time observing the reality than to stuck inside facebook and Tinder for hours together. Real things inspire and motivate much more than anything else in the world.

2) Be Human First

It is futile to aspire touching the sky when we don’t even want to do the basic things right. Youths must infuse humanity, kindness and love inside their hearts at the earliest.

3) Be Content with What You Have

Today’s Generation has become greedy. They want to get all things in quick succession. It’s right time for them to learn to stay content with what they have.

4) Simple Living and High Thinking

There are enough things to do in life. Life is certainly not all about dating, Sex and Break Ups. More a person studies philosophy, he gets connected to his inner self being. It infuses a fresh zeal of motivation inside his mind letting him feel more inspired at whatever he does next.

5) Travel a Lot

Tours and travels surely broaden our mental horizon letting us feel more rejuvenated. Today’s generation should travel a lot and explore new places, people and culture. It will reinvigorate them to see things in a wider perspective and feel more energetic and motivated.

Finally, every one of us should inculcate our natural urge to treat all with humanity. Serving mankind with goodness and compassionate can be the biggest self motivation technique for today’s generation.

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