Why Personal Hygiene is important in Women’s life

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Personal Hygiene

Women plays a major role in household activities. As they are the primary caregivers in the families as they prepare food, take care of children and maintain cleanliness in their homes. Due to their responsibilities, women pay less attention to their hygiene and get surrounded by lot of germs.Women also go through menstruation, which can lead to the growth and spread of bacteria in their genitals, if they do not clean themselves. In extreme cases, poor hygiene during periods can be fatal.


Personal hygiene aims at grooming body externally and maintaining cleanliness through various daily activities and hygienic decisions. A hygenic routine can help you keep yourself in perfect shape in order to prevent any infection or illness and to perform confidently in social gathering. Following are some aspects women must take care of:

• Hand wash:

Hand Wash

This is most important aspect as we use our hand throughout the day to perform endless activities such as using computer, touching things in homes, shaking hands, taking care of children, changing their diapers and so on. Cold, cough, flu and gastroenteritis are some of disease caused due to bad and poor hygiene. Therefore, women wash hands with soap solution or sanitizer before cooking, eating, holding children and so on.

• Hair wash:

Hair Wash

Having great hair and maintaining them is important not because of hygiene but also for good look and appearance. When one not take care of hair, it end up with lice. So to avoid such problems one should maintain proper hair hygiene. One should wash hair twice or thrice a week and should also apply hair mask to maintain proper hygiene.

• Dental care:


It is important to take care of teeth as it can ward of bad breath, tooth decay and so on. Hence, one should brush twice a day and visit dentist in regular interval of time.

• Bathing and Intimate hygiene:


Nothing is horrible as bad body odour. Skin infection and dry skin are some problem one can face by not having daily bath. Bath also keeps us fresh for the long day ahead.

Intimate hygiene is important for overall health as it protect women from harmful bacterial infections which may lead to serious diseases like cancer, sterility, various infection etc.. Taking care of vaginal area for the whole day is crucial but its equally necessary. One must take care of intimate hygiene as follow:

Should wear loose, comfortable and cotton fabrics as it reduce vaginal sweating.

Clean the vaginal area with tissue wet wipe after each urination.

Change sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners at regular interval of time to avoid risk of infection and foul odour.

Wash vaginal portion after each sexual intercourse as this may increase the proneness to vaginal infection or any other infectious disease.

Eat a balance diet, drink adequate amount of liquid and maintaining cleanliness helps to achieve proper hygiene.

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