Why Fans are Upset with Sushant Singh Rajput’s Last film ‘Dil Bechara’?

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Sushant Singh Rajput

Millions of broken hearts grieved in solidarity after the unfortunate and unexpected demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor was found hanging at his Mumbai residence on the morning of June 14. What followed was a case of mysterious shreds of evidence and conspiracy theories.

While the internet is still flooded with Nepotism theories, we want to divert your attention back to the thing that Sushant while he was alive, pursued passionately – Movies. ‘Dil Bechara’, Sushant’s last movie will undoubtedly be savoured by his fans like an elixir. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it came as no surprise that the movie will not be getting a theatrical release. Slated to release way back in May, the release of Dil Bechara was kept on hold because of social distancing norms and a nationwide lockdown. On June 29 it was confirmed that the movie ‘Dil Bechara’ would be releasing on July 24, 2020, on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. Sushant’s fans, who hadn’t yet recovered from the actor’s untimely death, received another blow after this news. Millions of fans and some celebrities took to social media to express their views on the topic. Let’s take a look at some of them.

What they said?

A fan’s standpoint:

“This is unfair! We want the movie to release on the big screen to celebrate his life in grandeur” said an anonymous fan on twitter. This tweet represents the sentiments of a nation in grief. While many fans were upset with the decision and mourned in silence, others created a storm with their tweets and posts. From the viewpoint of a fan, we understand how it must feel when you had been anticipating something to soothe your aching heart, and it doesn’t happen. The reaction of fans was natural as they wanted to make this movie last long in the minds of people by making it one of the biggest blockbusters ever released.

Actors’ viewpoints on the topic:

Actor, singer, and producer Diljit Dosanjh posted a photo of Dil Bechara’s poster on his Instagram account saying that the movie should have been released in the theatres. He further added that he had met the late actor twice and found him to be a jovial and fun-loving person. Sushant’s co-star in Dil Bechara, Sanjana Sanghi also posted on Instagram, but her views were different from the others. “Let’s not make it about the size of the screen we get to watch this labour of love on,” she wrote. She also urged Sushant’s fans to understand the gravity of the situation and cherish the movie in any platform it releases. She ended it by saying that his love for the craft matters more than how much money it makes at the Box Office.

As a last note we would like to say, nothing can compensate for the loss of one of the finest actors in Bollywood, not even a thousand movies more. But, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie to witness the late actor’s work of excellence for one last time before unwillingly putting his thoughts to rest.

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