Why Do Newborn Babies Cry a Lot in Initial Days

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Newborn Baby Crying

Newborns cry a lot in initial days. And all cries sound similar but with time you will understand what the baby wants when he/she fusses.

Why do newborns cry?

● First of all, think about hunger

The first thing which should come in your mind is hunger, even if the baby has just had. Babies eat very less and play a lot which burns all the calories they gain and that is why they feel hungry very soon. So, feed the baby well and whenever they cry, figure out if it is because of hunger. The baby will settle down soon after having food.

● Babies also feel tiredness

Babies play a lot even if they are not big enough to walk, they play while laying on the bed by continuously moving their hands and legs. Their eyes and brain are always on work. Finding new things, curiosity to explore different things makes them work the whole day which leads to tiredness. And when the babies are tired they are unable to figure it out, and they start crying. So, when you notice their tiredness, get them to bed with lots of cuddles and love. And you can massage them and make them feel relaxed.

● It can be because of the wet diaper

Babies do not care about wet diapers but, sometimes they do not feel comfortable because of the wet diaper. It may cause some itching to the baby or some rashes because of the wet nappy or diaper. Check the diaper and remove it immediately if it’s wet and apply some ointment over it. One advice to make the babies rash free is to always apply some oil before wearing the diapers.

● Baby may need a cuddle

Like adults, babies do need some pampering and cuddles from their parents. And many times because of the busy schedule mother’s miss the most important role of cuddling the baby and showering love. Babies cry to seek your attention and get those warm cuddles from the mother. And they never miss a chance to get them.

● Baby is not feeling comfortable

Babies do feel uncomfortable many times. There can be many reasons for their discomfort. It can be because of a strange person touching them or may be any outfit which is not comfy. They may want to do something but because they are too little to do that thing, they may feel irritated and feel uncomfortable at that place. So, pick the baby up and hold in your arms and cuddle them while talking to them so that they feel comfortable.

● Sometimes there is no obvious reason

Yes, sometimes they don’t know why they are crying but they want to cry. So, when you are not able to find a reason for the crying baby, stop worrying and let them be fine on their own in sometime. But, do not leave the crying baby alone.

Here are few things which crying does not mean at all

● You are not a good mother.
● The baby is trying to drive you crazy.
● The baby needs an over-the-counter product.
● The baby is mad at you.

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