When We Fail to Realise that We’re in Company of a Misogynist Man

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With complacent laughter, giggles and gimmicks that accompanied every misogynistic and disrespectful words of Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya on Koffee with Karan show, it’s time to take a moment off and introspect that why we often happen to play along with such comments and remain silent. A flamboyant guy with his feathers of success flapping around can put halo upon their head and then everything they do may seem charming, even though a tiny spot in your mind felt extremely humiliated and suffocated but you overlooked at it, anyway!

If we look back in time, I am sure, most of us at some point came across that one guy or group of guys that found it was “cool” and “stud” to demean women or to treat ladies like candies bestowed upon them to gratify their needs. And we mostly submitted ourselves to such men who reduced us to an empty vase whose valence is only in its colour and texture of physique which are meant to be seen, touched and indulged for pleasure of men. And as they sink their teeth into our body and blood, and deny our mental and intellectual side, the society stand still and applauses like a civilisation run by dead men and women, who took consciences into it’s grave and buried it deep.

It’s time that we grow much cognizant about such comments and take a peek into the psyche of men who find it alright to treat women like objects. The toxicity of a person who reduces down a woman into parts, is himself not completely aware or in touch with his own emotional and mental parts. The person with such psyche can be emotionally crippled and have difficulty to maintain a Secure intimacy and push his partner to walk on a tight rope of insecurity.

As the media lashes out at Hardik Pandya, i would like to channel empathy to the statement where Mr Pandya justified his behaviour by saying  that he failed 9th grade, and definitely educational qualification is not a premise for treating women equal but It is remarkable that a man with withstanding career in one of the most worshipped sport in India still finds that failure as a piercing past of himself and hasn’t come to terms with it. A burning and wounded nerve still exists and that desperately looks forth to be projected into his intimate partners by reducing and humiliating them into sexual objects, and many audience felt this cringe pass down their minds when they watched the show and became part of his projection. The lesson to be taken is  that, when in a relationship you’re constantly feeling haunted down with low self esteem or insecurity and no matter whatever you do, it feels like you are incompetent to your partner then it’s perhaps time that we take a deep leap and tinker upon the idea that maybe it’s not you…..

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