What do Babies Learn in Mother’s Womb

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Baby's Learning in Mother's Womb

This is an amazing discovery that babies learn and engage their senses while in the womb. That means babies under construction are already in the learning phase. Research has shown that babies get their first lessons of language while from the womb.

Let’s have a look at how and what babies learn in the womb. Let’s look how the babies understand in the womb, what they remember after birth and how this helps them in their new world. Your baby will hear rumbly deep womb noises and your voice. Here are some suggestions that you should start doing with your coming baby and feel the difference.

Things that babies learn in womb are

Learn mom’s touch– Babies learn and recognise mothers touch in the womb. For that you should gently touch your belly and pamper your baby in the womb. Shower lots of love that you want to give the baby when he will be in arms. Imagine that and love the baby in the womb.

Babies remember the books heard in the womb– Read a lot of books to your baby while in the womb. Read it aloud. Read rhymes for your baby and some good books which makes you feel happy and positive. Because a happy mother leads to a happy baby. Babies do remember all the good stuff you are making him listen and books are the best source for it.

Babies appreciate music– Not only adults but babies also have love for music. And so, the little babies in the womb too love it. Listen to good music and make your baby listen too and enjoy in the womb. You can put headphones on your belly and try different music and observe the baby movements inside. You will definitely find your baby’s favourite music. It is also the best therapy to calm yourself and your baby.

Flavour memories may begin in the utero– As the baby gets everything from the food that mother eats. And from that moment they learn about the flavours of different foods. So, try different food items and enjoy every bite of it thinking of your baby. But, do take care of your health while eating, so go for healthy foods. Your baby will develop the taste and may get his favourite flavour known.

Recognises mom’s voice– Talk to your baby more often. It will not only make him recognise your voice also it will make him feel entertained. Talk about your routine to your baby, talk about his future things you have been thinking about him and most important tell him how much you and your partner love him and are gonna love him when he will be in this beautiful world.

Native tongue learning begins in utero– When you talk to your baby in the language you are more comfortable with, he will naturally learn that language. Many times it is your native language because you express well when you speak in your native language. It will attract your baby too and he will learn to understand that language.

Baby reaches out to his mother as she rubs her tummy– Yes, babies respond to your touch as soon as the baby realises that you are rubbing the tummy at a particular point, he will move at that place and you can feel it by the baby’s movements. Try this with your baby, you both will enjoy it so much and it will create a great bond between you two starting from the womb.

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