Tollywood Director & Politician Bhagyaraj makes a controversial comment on women

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Actor turned director in the Tamil film industry and a well-known politician, Mr. Bhagyaraj is now on the receiving end after having made a few controversial statements on Women. It looks like making controversial statements is the easiest and a handy trick to get publicity on the upcoming releases and grab audience attention and better earning on the next releasing film.

His recent comments highlighted that women are equally to be blamed for their rape and it is not just men to be blamed for it. further to put forth his views he said that earlier the crime ratio was lesser as women did not expose themselves to the world, neither did they use technology and mobiles. But the recent high usage of mobiles has exposed them to the world, allowing them to interact openly and this brings them closer to the chances of getting exploited. According to the politician and filmmaker of Tamil, women should be confined in the four walls, to ensure complete safety and must shun the interaction.

He also believes that women’s code of conduct plays a eminent role in her rape and such mishaps, so she has to dress up appropriately and not provoke any sexual feels in the man, which can otherwise be the cause of rape and forced sex due to her misconduct. He thankful doesn’t exempt men from the wrongdoings but wants to make women a partner in crime for her being modern and tech-savvy.

Well after these statements coming from a filmmaker and a politician of Tamil, the future of Tamil is definitely questionable as politicians and filmmakers are those categories of people who continuously coach, train and pass a social message to the society through their rallies, films, and creative creations and story narrations through their films.

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