Tips to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage

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Love Marriage

Marriage is a sacred situation, especially when it comes from love. If our youth choose a partner for own, then it may be a serious matter sometimes. Due to generation gap, youngster and parent have different thoughts in marriage, which begin the tiff.

Youngster chose a partner compatible to them, they chose them who they feel they can spend their whole life. They never see the caste difference or religion. But, in modern time some parents are still not happy with the love marriages. Parents think it’s against their dignity and the matter of shame.

Although, it’s not true, if your child is happy with own choice than parents should also understand their situation. Many parents gets convinced for love marriage easily, because of their modern thoughts. But, there are some who don’t accept. A lot of hard work to be done by their child to convince them.

Following are some tips to convince your parents for your love marriage:

• Get sure about commitment: Before talking to your parents about your relationship, make sure that are you both really ready for marriage? It is very essential to make sure, because if anyone of you have commitment phobia, then everything will be ruin at last moment. So, first just make sure that you both are 100% sure about relationship, then talk to your parents.

• Be a friend to your parents : If you want to build any relationship, the best way is to spend quality time. Do the same with your parents, spend time with them, create closeness with them, so that you can share about your personal life. Friendship is the best relationship. You can share everything with your trusty friends without hesitation. So just be friend with your parents, so that you can start open about your thoughts.

• Talk about your views on marriage: Once you build up a strong bond with your parents then slowly and steadily start talking to them about marriage. Don’t talk directly about your marriage. Take examples of different people marriages. There are chances that your parents may ignore it or not taking it seriously. But try to talk them on marriage topic. Don’t talk every time on the same topic. First, find a good time and place, then indirectly talk to them about your thoughts on love marriage.

• Take one parent to your side: Just try to get one parents at your side, you will almost get approval by this. They will even help you to convince the other parent.

• Seek help from your relatives or siblings: There is always one person in everyone’s life, who is very close to us. With whom you can share everything. In this situation, taking their support, will make the things easier for you.

• Behave like a mature person: First of all, behave mature with your parents. Don’t behave like a child. Stay mature in front of parents, show them that you are emotionally, mentally and financial stable.

• Introduce with girl/boy: Convince your parents to meet your love at least once. And before introducing your love to your parents, give a brief idea about each family member and their likes and dislikes.

• Set a meeting for both the families: This is the most important part. If make sure that your parents have start liking the person you love, then set a meeting. Once the parents will meet each other, they can be convinced.

Tying knot is very tough and important decision of everyone’s life. Parents never want bad for their child, but sometimes due to their orthodox mentality. But parents should understand the happiness of their child.
Stay happy

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