The Bollywood secret to maintain size zero, from Alia bhatt to Arjun Kapoor

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Alia Bhatt & Arjun Kapoor

There is no one way to reduce weight and people have tried and tested many options and gone on strict diet to lose fat. What works best is still not established completely.Latest research of various age group shown that a combination of food consumption as regular with proper hours of fasting is the key to lose weight, giving ample time for body to rest and rejuvenate to be able to performance the next day with equal energy and enthusiasm.

So the key is to follow the biological rhythm and the cycle of the sunlight. One has to rise early. the food cycle stop start from couple of hours from the sunrise keeping a heavy diet format for the early hours of the days.
The diet should not be restricted on quantity or quality, however the actual magic is when you put cap on the numbers of hours. One has to keep a window of 8 hours in the sunlight of the day to consume all the nutrition. As the sunsets, the consumption has to stop completely with a early to bed routine. This helps the body burn maximum fats and make the body metabolism faster.

The meal has to have more focus on Vegetables and Fruits followed by legumes, beans, grains and least on bread and rice. Carbohydrates are to be cut down to the least with increase in the age. A black coffee in the morning can do miracles. One can substitute the morning tea and coffee with back coffee, honey lemon, oranges, raw mangoes and other seasonal fruits to hydrate and increase digestion. Green tea is also a good antioxidant, followed by consumption of raw carrots, tomatoes, capsicum and carrots. Use of cinnamon in hot water also help cleanse the body and reduce belly fats. Regular intake of water can do wonders and stimulate metabolism regulation.

one general succumbs to over eating with the availability on ample food and unhealthy eating habits. If the close monitoring of the consumed food is kept going on regularly, in a span of 2-3 months, results are evident. Watch the video to see the magically effects of a proper regime followed by people surrounded with abundance.

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