The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

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Best Exercise while Working at Home

Easy ways to lose weight’ – That’s what Google will suggest when you type in the words ‘Easy ways’. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. The internet is flooded with so-called ‘easy’ health and fitness tips for losing weight. Fad diets, protein shakes, weight-loss belts, magic pills, and what not! If you ever come across such a tip, toss it in the garbage (as much as you would like to believe otherwise, they don’t work). Had they worked, we would have been gorging on pizzas while managing our weights like a pro. Sadly, weight loss is no fairytale. The only way to lose weight is by burning calories, and you know how to do that—scratching your heads? Exercise! That’s the oldest and the surest (also the most dreaded) method for losing those fat pouches. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. You have been dreading it because you probably don’t have the right equipment for it.

Getting a gym membership is a faraway dream during the quarantine. So, have a look at some of the best home exercise equipment that will drag the gym to your home.

The good old Treadmill.You can’t go wrong with a treadmill! That’s why it’s perfect for beginners who are easing their way into exercising. Just set the speed according to your requirements and hop on!

Benefits: Walk to Paris and back while not leaving your room for a second.

Precautions: Be careful where you tread; a miscalculated step can cost you a couple of cracked bones.

1. Row, row, with the rowing machine

If losing weight by sitting was your wish, it’s granted! This equipment engages all your body parts, so you get a perfectly toned body within a few months of using this.

Benefits: You can burn nearly 300 calories in a single session.

Precautions: It can get intense. So, always do some stretching beforehand.

2. biking made fun – The stationary bike

You don’t have to learn cycling to use this equipment. You can easily sit on the bike and pedal away to good health.

Benefits: read books, listen to music, or watch your favourite series, all while burning away calories.

Precautions: the pedals can be slippery, so wear running shoes to get a good grip.

3. Elliptical machines for toned thighs

Want to fit inside that old denim but, your thighs come in the way? With this equipment, you can burn a tremendous amount of calories from your lower body after a simple 30-minute session.

Benefits: Carved thighs and toned calves.

Precautions: Your body will get completely worn out if you don’t take frequent breaks.

4. Climb stairs with the Stairmaster

Want a treadmill with stairs? You got it! It has a set of moving steps that help you burn calories. Go on, climb the Everest if you want.

Benefits: All you have to do is climb, and get the perfectly toned body you always wanted.

Precautions: Go slow. Go all-out in the first session and, your hamstrings will kill you.

So, what are you waiting for? You got the list. Buy them today and turn your home into the best-ever gym!

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