Terrorist Plot Pulwama Attacks Using Latest Technologies and Non-Confronting Modus Operandi

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Pulwama Attack

Lately the Terrorist are plotting attacks using latest technologies. They have changed their strategies, planning, plotting and have got functional on a non-confronting modus operandi.

They are using technologies which can help them escape any kind of confrontation with the security official and it is also a strategy which can mislead the armed force and gives the attacker to change is strategy remotely as they are now more technology dependant.

These new strategies include using remote controlled improvised explosive devices using latest gadgets, mobiles, walkie talkies.

These devices allow then to be risk free from the confrontation of the security official, makes the attack less or almost unsuspectable and also gives them the freedom to change their plans with as needed with these remote controlled devices at lot of ease, making the security official work more complicated and allowing scope to raise fingers at the entire security system of the nation. These makes the security forces to be more vigilant as the anti social elements have now learned to misuse the technology at a fast phase.

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