Tanya Mittal, the Self Made Millionaire Entrepreneur

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Tanya Mittal

She is a youngest female entrepreneur who has set up her Handicraft Business at the age of 19, with zero investment, by the brand name of ‘Hand made love’ has turned out into a millionaire in 2 yrs of her Business tenure.

At a young age, she is not only a successful businesswomen but has also adopted 3 orphan kids.

Age when one spends time freaking out with friends and enjoying college time, she has started her business where she makes around 2000 to 3000 products by herself and sells them online.

She has gained immense popularity on Instagram and other Social Media platforms, and using this network for selling her products,which she shapes with her passion for Art and Craft. She has a huge clientele not only from India, but also a big international clientele.

Her only ambition is to make her each day better by contributing to her passion of handicraft and creating employment and a better world to live, in all possible things she can.

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