Sunitha, the Anti-Trafficking Saviour and her Never Ending Rescue Mission

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Sunitha is not just a Anti Trafficking saviour but she is very active in blogging and spreading the awareness of stories that she encounters. Her blog titles “Sunitha Krishnan: Anti-Trafficking Crusader” where she recounts her experiences of rescue. It needs courage and a very strong heart to read her blogs. It is very difficult to read about small girls (as young as four year old) being raped by fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins and neighbours. Her blog posts can just shame us all out of our peaceful existence.

She has brought it out in public that most of the girls are brought in from Nepal and sold to brothels all across our nation. The alarming part is that people who are involved in all this are the ones who are trusted by victims.

he condition of these sex victims is beyond imagination. They suffer physical, mental and emotional harassment. The abuse they go through is unforgettable. They are exploited until they get affected by the deadly HIV virus post which they are discarded by the brothel owners and left to die on the streets.

Sunitha’s organization ‘Prajwala’ has been rehabilitating the victims after rescuing them. Shelters have been built and a factory has been opened where skills like carpentry, welding, etc. are taught to the girls. Prajwala also tries to unite the victims with their families. Sometimes, the victims are not accepted back by the families owing to the backwardness of our views on women. At such times, Prajwala takes full responsibility of these victims. Some women and girls are also married off by Prajwala in its endeavour to integrate the victims back into society. Prajwala also takes care of the last rites of the victims who pass away. In all these tasks, Prajwala faces stiff opposition from our society.

Prajwala works with police and other law enforcement agencies in this job of fighting commercial sexual expolitation. The organization never seeks publicity for the rescue of the girls, letting its work speak for itself.

Prajwala and Sunitha have won many awards for their exemplary work. They are now sought after the world over by programs for rescue and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking. Even State governments are listening to Prajwala and Sunitha in effecting measures for the prevention of trafficking. All this will surely help in minimising this crime.

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