Side effects of birth control contraceptive pills

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Contraceptive Pills

Indian youth have started exploring their sexuality to the optimum level after the introduction of numerous contraceptive pill without knowing the side effects on the health of the women. These pills can also resolve irregular menstruation, painful or heavy periods, endometriosis, acne and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Birth control pills works by preventing ovulation. No egg is produce, hence there is no sperm to fertilize. This pill is not for abortion, it can only stop pregnancy an do not terminate it and it is ineffective if the women is already pregnant. The pill should be taken immediately within 24hours of unprotected sex. This pill is 95% percent effective if taken on time.

There are different types of contraceptive pill. They all contain synthetic form of hormones oestrogen, progesterone or both.


Inter-menstrual bleeding: This bleeding may happen because the uterus is adjusting to having a thinner endometrial lining.The bleeding usually resolves within the 3months of taking the pill.

Breast tenderness: Pills can cause breast enlargement or tenderness. Sometimes women find lumps or pain in the breast but it resolves within 3months. Caffeine and salt intake should be minimised to resolve tenderness.

Weight gain: Fluid retention may occur near the breast and hips. An approx of 2-4 kg weight gain occurs in a year after using the pill.

Missed periods: Even with the proper use of pills, sometimes the period miss, it is because of stress, illness, travel or thyroid abnormalities. If a period is missed or very light, then one must test the pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge: changes in vaginal discharge after taking the pills. Increase it decrease in the vaginal discharge takes place which becomes normal in some time as it is not harmful. But alteration in colour or odour could indicate some infection.

Women which are allergenic to these pills, must once consult to doctor before taking. These side effects go within matter of days or it depends on the metabolism of women.

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