Relapse of corona in China-15 new cases found

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China started to witness the curse of corona virus in the month of December 2019. It took about a month for them to understand what had hit them was an unseen, unheard pandemic. On 23rd of Jan 2020, the only possible option of lockdown was announced to curb the affect of Covid 19. Lockdown seemed to be the best measure that they could think of and it was indeed effective.The cases reduced after having peeked in the initial month when there was no clarity, no guidelines and only deaths.

Around 8th April, when the rest of the world was getting gulped in the darkness of Covid-19, china started to see the ray of hope and the lockdown was called off with zero patients detected to be suffering now. Borders where sealed and flight stranded to ensure that corona doesn’t infect the country back again from rest of the world.

During the misery phase millions had being tested and several found asymptomatic carriers who didn’t get affected but held high chances of passing on the pandemic. They continued to be under quarantine to ensure no spread.

Lately, one month after the lockdown was called off from 8th April 2020, and businesses started getting functional, china on this Tuesday 12th May 2020, again reported 15 new cases. This has further created scare and panic in other countries who are still under lockdown. It is now been seen in china that the symptomatic carriers have started showing high fever and respiratory distress.

Considering this sudden relapse of corona virus, China has now decided to test it’s entire 11 million population on fast track to curb the relapse and decrease the spread.

Now the question that we face is will corona ever disappear from our life or do we need to start living with it.
A suitable vaccine to this pandemic will be the only ray of hope now for the world.

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