Postpartum Depression: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

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Postpartum Depression

After giving birth to a child a woman feels that she has got the biggest happiness of her life after seeing her baby for the first time the women forget all her labor pain, sorrow, problems, and everything.

After entering motherhood a women always think of how to take your baby properly. A new mum is always worried about a child’s health and growth. In this very she sometimes takes lots of stress and goes into the depression which causes many physical and emotional effects on her own health.

Postpartum depression gets severe sometimes. It affects your physical and emotional health. In India about 15% of new moms effect by Postpartum depression. It can cause severe mood swings, exhaustion, fatigue, and create problem to make a good bond with own child.


The symptom of Postpartum depression vary from person to person and even if it varies from day to day. Sometimes the depression fades within the four weeks of delivery but sometimes it changes into a very serious disorder. The following are some symptoms of Postpartum depression:

• You feel sad and even you feel to cry without any sense.
• You feel exhausted but unable to sleep.
• Either you don’t like eating anything or you will eat too much.
• You are unable to concentrate on anything.
• Your mood swings suddenly without any warning.
• You are unable to make a bond with your baby.
• You will anxious or angry suddenly.
• You are not having an interest in the things which you love to do earlier.
• You are unable to remember things.
• You want to stay alone.
• You get negative thoughts that you are not a good mother.
• Sometime you even feel to end up your life or even you feel to hurt your baby.
• You feel helpless and hopeless.

Your partner, close friends, and family will notice the changes in you.These are some symptoms of Postpartum depression that can happen with any lady after the childbirth.

It’s very important to treat the Postpartum depression on time else you can even hurt your’s as well as your baby’s life.


If you have the above-mentioned symptoms then you should consult your doctor immediately before the condition get worse. There are two types of treatments the first is medication and the other is a therapy which is done by health professionals.

• Medication: Medications means taking antidepressants. The antidepressant should be taken after the Consulting of a doctor only. Antidepressants have a direct effect on the brain, after taking these you can see the change in yourself within some days. But sometimes antidepressant has some Side effects like dizziness, decreased sex drive, and fatigue. In this case, you should immediately consult your doctor so that they can change the antidepressant and use you some other treatment.

• Therapy: A good therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical health professional helps you get rid of postpartum depression. They will provide you counseling and you get out from this destructive depression.Apart from this family members can also suffer the Postpartum depression patient by applying the following steps:

• Give the mother free time so that she can even think about herself.
• Free mother for sometimes from the baby’s duty.
• Do the things which she loves to do.
• Always be there to help her.
• Her partner should be patient she is not interested in sex.
• Encourage her to talk about her feelings.
• Take proper food supplements and include Omega 3 more than your food.

These are some remedies that will surely help to get rid of Postpartum depression.

Stay Happy and Enjoy Motherhood!

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