Post a threat call on Saturday Night, Airports all over the Nation set on High Alert

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Delhi Airport

Post a threat call from Anonymous to the Air India control room to Hijack the Mumbai to Pakistan flight on Friday Night 22nd Feb 2019, all the airports across the nation, have been put on high alert. Security was tighten all over including the parking lot, enhancing the scanning at all entry and exit points.

The tension between India and Pakistan, grew enormously post the pulwama attack on 14th Feb, killing 40 soldiers of CRPF in the suicide bomber terrorist attack.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security issued a high alert to all the Airports across the nation from Saturday morning wrt the anonymous threat call on Friday night at about 9:30pm.

Soon after the pulwama attack, security was raised at all the airports, however the anonymous threat call, as add to the security barriers every visitor to the airport has to now go through, which includes all passengers, airport staff, all vehicles and the entire cargo area is under high surveillance all throughout.

All airlines to Pakistan and other west Asia are checked several times and the passengers are going through so called secondary ladder check point, where passengers are check again before they boarder the plane.

All the vehicles are routed through the multiple speed breaker check points to undergo the surveillance. Passengers are advised to reach the airport much before time giving the high end security check as they might miss the plane due to the longer processes now.

A special team has been brought into action which maintains all the passenger records and conducts passenger profiling to check the suspect, if any. The dog squad and special explosive vapor detectors have been installed at multiple check points. Increased patrolling and random pat-down search has ensured complete security, although might have causes some inconvenience to the passengers but that`s much lesser then the cost of many life’s.

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