Plasma Therapy Shows Positive Result on Coronavirus Patient

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Plasma Therapy

From the reports, we have seen that conditions are bit good in India as compared to before but still WHO had warned that the dangerous time is still to come, so be ready for that.Till now, Coronavirus cases in India are 18539, of which deaths are 592, recovered peoples are 3273 and rest are active cases.

What is Plasma therapy?

In Plasma therapy, the antibodies of a person who got recovered from Covid-19 are taken and transfer it into infected person to boost their immune system.

This therapy is done only in critical conditions and a single person can donate 400 ml of plasma which can save 2 lives, a single patient requires 200 ml of plasma.

Yesterday we have seen positive result of plasma therapy, a 49-year-old man became the first patient to get plasma therapy at Max hospital. The patient was tested positive for COVID-19 on April 4, he has some mild symptoms and respiratory issues. In some days his condition gets deteriorated and he needs external oxygen and also have symptoms of pneumonia and had to put on ventilator support on April 8.

But still there is no improvement, then family requested the hospital administer plasma therapy on compassionate grounds. The family had arranged donor who tested negative 2 times for COVID-19 and again tested negative while donation with other standard tests to rule out of infections.

The critically ill patient administered fresh plasma on April 14, after receiving the treatment, the condition of patient was improved by fourth day and weaned off ventilator support on April 18 and continued supplementary oxygen after that.

The director Sandeep Budhiraja of Max hospital said that now we have some treatment opportunity during these challenging times. He also said that we cannot fully depend on this therapy but a country like India needs this therapy to help Covid-19 patients.

Till now, total deaths in Delhi are 47 and are hoping for best situation. Now we have some treatment in critical conditions, so hoping all be good in future.

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