Paternal uncle molests 1-year-old, returns the crying baby to her mother with bleeding & injuries on private parts

Man Behind Bars

A horrifying Crime recently occurred where the paternal uncle and the kid’s father were out for dinner with some drinks. As they came back home, the paternal uncle spoke to her sister and took her 1-year-old kid for a round in the locality along. Begin a paternal uncle, he was a trusted person in the family and was expected to take around and return the 1-year-old baby girl kid back safely.

To the family surprise, the uncle came back after long with the baby crying profusely and crying with screams unstoppably. As the mother tried to calm down the child, it seems that the crying did not stop nor where any of the soothing mechanism worked on the kid to get calm. As she tried to open the cloths and check the baby’s body assume the baby got some hurt or mosquitoes bites while taking around in the locality with her uncle, she was shocked to see the 1-year-old was bleeding and injuries were seen on her private parts.

Immediately the mother started weeping and gathered a crowd of neighbours to see the kind of monstrous act her brother had done to the kid. The crowd got outrageous and started trashing the uncle. Eventually, police were informed and the accused was arrested. The accused maternal uncle refused to accept the crime and kept denying the allegations, however, the medical report showed DNA proof of rape and misconduct by the uncle and also indicated the presence of alcohol in the child’s blood during the act of cruelty. The court has lately issued a lifetime imprisonment punishment to the accused and also put forth the verdict that such increasing crime against children will be not taken lightly and the criminal will be given the sternest possible punishment as such act causes, mental, physical and psychological trauma to the child and no amount of compensation can be enough for such act of cruelty. Moreover, a family member doing such a act is a betrayal of the trust of the kid’s parents and is also an extreme perversity and monstrous and should be evicted from society by iron hand punishments.

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  • Suman k gulati


    So sad

  • Sonali


    How could he does this to a baby? Disgusting human being.

    He should be publicly beaten till death to give him a lesson and a lesson to people who.may even think of doing this to a baby.

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