More deadly pandemic, severe than Covid-19 is arriving

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Deadly Virus than Covid-19

In a new warning issued by world Scientists, it is said that the world population is now endangered by another more deadly pandemic which is arising from chickens. It is feared that more than half of the world population will die in this upcoming human killing events. As per this warning, it is said that this catastrophe will be much higher than Covid-19, and will have massive killing potential.

In a book published by a scientist Dr Michael Greger, “How not to die”, he explicitly talks about the close connection of poultry hygiene, human being and pandemics. He says, as long as there are poultry farms, fear of pandemic will continue. Dr Greger, himself is a vegan and has been preaching vegan diet to stay safe and healthy.
He explains about how the crowding of chicken happens in the poultry farms, creating a very unhygienic setup, and talks of the close contact of humans to such poultries all across the world.

The crowded poultry farms have barely any space for the chicken to be able to even flap their wings. Crowding and high level of ammonia from their excretion causes a complete unhygienic environment in every poultry.

Mass production for high sales can result into mass deaths, if poultry hygiene and over crowding of chickens is not controlled in the poultry farms. These poultry farms have time and again creating many respiratory diseases in their staff and consumers and at the sloterhouse.

The only way to get ride of such catastrophe is by avoid poultry products consumption, keep polities clean and spacious with fewer chickens in a hygienic manner or else die of pandemic like chicken Gunya, anemia, influenza and many others to arrive soon, clearing off more than half of the current human population.

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