Man hired contract killer to kill his wife and 2 year old son to marry another girl

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Rohit Tiwari

Rajasthan police on Friday 10Jan have claimed to solve the murder mystery of mother and 2years son, which was reported on Tuesday. The women’s  body was found blooded state in her flat on Tuesday and her son’s body in deserted area close to the residential complex were the couple stay.

Rohit was arrested after it come up during investigation that he hired up a UP based contractor killer Sourabh Choudhary to murder his wife and son. Rohit didn’t have a cordial relationship with his wife ever since his marriage in 2011 and the relationship become even worse when Shriyam born in 2017 through IVF. Rohit want to get rid of his wife and marry someone else and start a fresh life.

The parents of Shweta had accused Rohit of harassing and threatening their daughter. Even few days ago, Rohit called them and say he would kill their daughter, but they never thought it will be real any day.

Now the question arises is that:

• If Rohit don’t like his life, then he can give him divorce, why did he kill her life?
• Also, if he has not happy, then why did he give a life and ended it??

Rohit should get punishment for his crime. Government shouldn’t delay in giving punishment, so that no other can even think of such crimes.

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