Kind of Make Up mistakes beginners Make

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Make-Up Mistakes

If you’ve just started using make-up and are still experimenting with colours and the different kinds of cosmetics available in the market, it’s important to understand how you can use these products to enhance your best features, not disguise them. There are many make-up mistakes beginners make — we list a few!

Using concealer like a foundation: An amateur beauty mistake, many women apply concealer all over their face, instead of just the problem areas, like uneven skin and blemishes. You should always use your concealer sparingly, because excessive use of it can make your skin look cakey. Use foundation with a moisturiser for the rest of your face.

Here are tips to choose the right party make up as per your complexion.

Smokey eyes gone wrong: Everyone wants to sport the super-sexy smokey-eyed look for parties and special occasions. But while getting smokey eyes may look like an easy job, if you have little experience with eye shadows, it can end up looking disastrous! Always choose colours for your eye shadow wisely, and build up your eyes slowly.

Too much lip gloss/lipstick: Most times, you are so worried about your lipstick or lip gloss fading that you land up using excess of it on your lips or keep reapplying the product, every now and then. Avoid using too much of lip make-up, as it will not only land up being messy but will also get transferred on your food and teeth!

Don’t have much time in your hands? Here are make up tips for the busy bee.

Colouring beyond the lines: If you have thin lips, using a lip liner beyond the contours of your natural lip line can make your lips look fuller. But if not done properly, it can make you look clownish and fat. Instead, apply a touch of gloss to the centre of your top and bottom lip. This will give them a fuller appearance, in the right manner.

Applying too much powder: Women with oily skin dab excess face powder on their face to control the level of oil. But you needn’t apply too much of powder to prevent your skin from getting oily. Blotting papers, mattifying lotions and primers and oil-control make-up — today, you have a wide variety of make-up products to choose from- blotting papers, mattifying lotions, primers and oil control make up.

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