Kangana Vs Karni Sena: Kangana the Bollywood Warrior fights Karni Sena, Stands by her Movie

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Kangana Ranaut

Last week, the bollywood bandit Queen was heard out saying that she is also a Rajput and would destroy everyone in the Karni Sena who rubbished her movie and tried to cause any problems during the release of her latest historic biopic. Kangana not just plays a lead role in this but has also directed the film.

In the a reply to this the Karni Sena has warned Kangana and said to ruin her career.
As the battle continues, news flashed about the set of movie burning down to ashes following the warning from the karni sena about the same. However, their has been complete silence post this from the parties.

Who is Karni Sena: The are also known as SRKS- Shri Rajput Karni Sena, which earlier was noticed protesting against the outfit of Deepika Padukone in Paadmavati Movie.

As this battle continues, it is a delight to see this dynamic Heroine of Bollywood fight for her career in the past and now fight for her film. Thumps up to the small town girl, who believes that “All one needs is immense passion and not a godfather to succeed”

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