Is Coronavirus a Bio-War from China to Strengthen their Economy ?

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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus has spread all over the world. Now the question is, when the whole world is facing this epidemic than how China is getting free from this virus?

How they are improving their condition?

There are so many questions but we are unable to get the exact answer.Total cases in China till Thursday are 81,589, total deaths are 3318, recovered peoples are 76,400 and now approx. 40-45 new cases are coming daily, which are very less as compared to before.

These virus spreads from Wuhan, President Xi Jinping had ordered strict lockdown in the whole city. Initially peoples were allowed out of their homes, but soon restrictions tightened.

After the improvement, the government had planned to stop the lockdown in the month of April. As per their views their daily work will be start from April.

The government had stopped all non-essential works in lockdown, stopped public gatherings on the road and had assigned a lot of facilities for the general public so that they don’t get panic from this epidemic.

Later the policy became more aggressive, with officials going door to door health check ups and forced anyone ill into isolation and Scientists had also found that banning all these showing a great impact from spreading this epidemic.

The condition of China has improved a lot as compared to other countries. Now again a very important question is coming out.Is Coronavirus a Bio war of China to strengthen their economy?

Can say Yes or No both??

American President Donald Trump had completed blamed China for coronavirus.We can say no, because, we have no proofs, but we can also say Yes, because, this epidemic had given a lot of advantages to China.

Few days before Spain government had ordered 1.2 million masks from China, a very great advantage for China.Right now, many countries are not able to go for higher production, because of threat of coronavirus. China is fully taking advantage of this thing.

They are going for higher production and making their economy strong.Chinese government have post virus strategy, Beijing is planning to use the downturn in Western economies to its benefit.

China intends to seek more foreign direct investment, seize market share in critical industries.China has a very long-standing planning that is focused on co-opting nodes and systems in which they think they can claim coercive power over the United States and the Global system.

As we know Chinese workers are back to the work and European countries and United States economies are shutting down and has the great opportunity to rule the world and can also build a trust through the customers.

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