Importance of Sex Education in today’s era

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Sex Education

Teaching kids about sex is not easy. It these times of precocious preteens, pregnancy among teenagers and sexually transmitted diseases and infection, children’s and adolescent need to know much about the sex. Children gets all the information about sex at their home form parents or from social sites, school should also be an important source of information.

Sex Education in school is about enabling students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, develop healthy and rewarding relationship including those with the member of opposite sex. The teaching and learning of sex education is based on the respect for the values and beliefs on different ethnic and religious communities.


Research on sex education has focused on programs help young people to change specific behaviour related to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The goals of sex education are to equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will empower them to:

• Realize their health, well-being and dignity.
• Develop respectful social and sexual relationships.
• Consider how their choices affect their own well- being and that of others.
• Understand and ensures the protection of their rights throughout the lives.


• Love and respect yourself as you love and respect others.
• Build positive relationship based on love and respect.
• Make responsible decisions for you, your family and your society.
• Abstinence before marriage is the best protection against HIV and unintended pregnancy. Casual sex can hurt and harm you and your near ones.

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